Thermos Stainless Steel Pressure Trix 2, 5 L-Termopro

Model: TP6504

The thermos Pressure Trix Of Termopro is produced With two layers of high quality stainless steel, Being A Foreign protected by varnish and Other vacuum-insulated Inner, Keeping the temperature of the hot drinks For 12 Hours Or Cold For 24 Hours.Removable Head, Suitable For Use Directly On Coffee Maker. Also,

Thermos Stainless Steel Pressure Trix 2, 5 L-Termopro 1

Tips for use and maintenance Of temperature: 1-remove the cover, clean the Inside With warm water. 2-Blanch the thermos Filling completely with boiling water, wait for a few Minutes and discard this water. • In The Case Of Cold Drinks, Blanch The Thermal Carafe With Cold Water. 3-then replace the liquid to be Kept hot or cold in the bottle, fill the container, leaving 2 cm below the Cap, So the temperature for longer. • In The Case Of Coffee, It Is Recommended That The Filter Be Directly On The Thermos. • To Make Tea, We Recommend Pouring Warm Water Into The Bottle And Use Only Tea Sachet. Don’t Use Tea Leaves. Cleaning: 1-the container should be washed every time you Used 2-hold the container back to room temperature. 3-Wash With detergent and Rinse with plenty of water. For Best Results, Use Baking Soda With Warm Water. 4-Case Left some residue repeat the process. 5-do not wash In Dishwasher Machine. 6-do not use steel wool Or abrasive Products as they may Damage the product. 7-to dry, Use dry, soft cloth, Let the product without cover when not in use. Cautions: 1-this product is designed For hot or Cold Drinks. Do Not Use For Other Purposes. 2-do not shake the thermos. 3-Keep Always In Vertical position. 4-carriage Thermos only by Arm Or strap. 5-Avoid falls and impacts, the damage Occur the air leakage, Causing Insufficient in its functions 6-do not put the thermos gas Oven, microwave or electric

Thermos Stainless Steel Pressure Trix 2, 5 L-Termopro 2

Freezer And Dishwasher Machine

7-do not use heaters or expose to flame. 8-do not use the bottle To carbonated water.9-after using the Bottle For dairy drinks, soups or Other Organic Products wash with boiling water to Total removal of any residue Immediately. 10-Keep the thermos out of reach of children.

Thermos Stainless Steel Pressure Trix 2, 5 L-Termopro 3