The Glass Programmed Using The TPS Procedure Causes The Water Inside The Bottle To Be Restructured.

From the spring to the faucet, water travels through long, straight pipes made of different materials such as lead, asbestos, plastic, etc.

The Glass Programmed Using The TPS Procedure Causes The Water Inside The Bottle To Be Restructured. 1

This is not the natural environment of water, which normally flows and filters through different types of rocks and layers of soil. Substances with which it comes in contact cause a vibrational effect on the water that can leave a mark for a certain time-the coherent domains of the water moleculesresonate with this vibration even over a longer period of time. The same is true of water bottles or faucets, where the water remains stopped for a long period of time.

With the Flaska bottle, we want to make the vibrational structure of water more similar to the structure of the spring water, that is, the water in its natural environment. Thanks to Silica Programming Technology (TPS*) , a vibrational program consisting of various types of information extracted from nature is transmitted to the glass:

First, three symbols are engraved on the surface of the glass: the first is the batch number (eg ACK1), which is used for management, monitoring and quality control. The second symbol is a cosmogram (circular), also called mandala, that protects the vibrational program that carries the glass. The third, called GOLD, within a rectangular frame, contributes to making the structuring of water more efficient.

The second phase of the process consists of removing and cleaning the “old” vibrations that could contain the glass. By leaving the glass free of vibrations absorbed in another life, we improve the efficiency of the program we recorded on the glass.

In the third phase of the process is when the bottles are programmed using the Orgon Cannons , devices manufactured by the German company Bioaktiv. The vibrational program printed on each bottle is composed of different vibrational information obtained from elements of nature that are in harmony with the structure of the water and therefore influence it. This phase is the most important of the process and also the longest since it takes 90 minutes to complete it. During this time the vibrational program is printed on the silicon dioxide (SiO 2 ) of the glass, which contains approximately 71% of SIO 2.

When the water comes into contact with the glass programmed in this way, the vibrational information is transferred through the quantum electrodynamic oscillations of the coherent domains of the glass [ 1] .

The Glass Programmed Using The TPS Procedure Causes The Water Inside The Bottle To Be Restructured. 2

Take a look at this video about glass programming and water structuring:

The idea of ​​developing TPS arose from our own experience with strawberry cultivation , where it was found that there was a significant difference between strawberries irrigated with normal water, and strawberries watered with vibrationally structured water.In search of a scientific explanation to explain these changes in water, we first encounter the work of Viktor Schauberger , who discovered in a totally scientifically unsound way that water hides some unusual features. Of course, when we continued our research, we could not avoid encountering other more modern researchers, pioneers in this field, such as Preparata, Szent-Gyorgy, Del Guidice, Pollack, Chaplin and others who have offered theoretical explanations of phenomena Which can be observed in practice.

Flaška dd guarantees that the water restructuring program for each Flaska will be optimally effective for at least 4 years from the date of first use of the Flaska.

Tips and recommendations:

Do not wash your Flaska bottle in the dishwasher or leave it in the vicinity of devices that emit a strong magnetic radiation, for example a working microwave, a mobile or wireless phone while you are talking.

The vibrational structuring of the water begins immediately after pouring the water into the Flaska bottle – wait at least five minutes to ensure an optimum effect.

According to bridgat, before drinking, shake the bottle Flaska a couple of times. The water “enchants” the movement, and will enhance the effect of the vibrational structuring, since the coherent domains will be expanded and consolidated.

Do not insert your Flaska bottle in the freezer. When the water freezes, it decreases its density and dilates.This is a phenomenon characteristic only of water, which is known as the anomalous dilation of water. As it expands, it may break the bottle.

You can find more information on water structuring in the section on Theoretical basis and Terminology.

The Glass Programmed Using The TPS Procedure Causes The Water Inside The Bottle To Be Restructured. 3

Different studies have been conducted using alternative research methods as part of the study of the effects of the Flaska bottle on water.

These photographs have been taken in the laboratory of Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan and show how the structure of the water changes inside the bottle Flaska*